Beauty is the essence of everything. We persecute what is beautiful, functional and afordable.

Vitor Fernando Architecture was established in 2006 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is now a modern and experienced Company working overseas.

We provide Consultancy in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Branding. We Design private houses, apartments and commercial buildings, such as restaurants, pubs, offices, hotels and retail spaces.

We believe that Architecture is all about experience; the experience of the people who is going to join the spaces we design. Felling Architecture not only as a beautiful building and living space but as an experience for the 5 senses.

Our Design is intented to fit the location and opportunities of this location. Our responsibility is our customers, appropriate regional context and social environment.

We expect to surprise people and let them interact with our language. This also must ensure aesthetic and high sustainability inside our clients budget.

Contact us and ask for a quotation. We want to bring beauty to your house and business.